This could be the Ptuj visitor guide


So going out shopping in Ptuj's chicken factory smell when you're pregnant might be what's condemning our tourists to a trauma unremarked by the locals.

Clearly women should be urged to stay indoors so that rendering operations remain uninterrupted. Apart from that you just need a constant propaganda in favour of some fetal desensitising agent...

loves measuring everything and here's an important measure of attraction and attractiveness we can't afford to ignore. These AGD's in should be measured to see if something similar is up. I need to do pelvic floor exercises to overwhelm the huge very tightarsed perineal buttsky hovering over us...ironically chickens have a AGD, being uni-holed

@federationbot It does say, may I point out in response to @g1smo's attack on my sexuality: "In some cases you know exactly who you want to talk to, and who you don’t." Surely excluding all follows who are men, Slovenkas, too far away or, in Ptuj's case too near, would be a popular filter. Come on you boffin eggheads get coding. To be fair they could lie so we are going to have to wait for genetic fingerprinting pads on PC to come along...until then if they look like you you're probably cousins.

Some about the people apparently in charge of guessing what your bill is going to be here in .

@g1smo demonstrating the Ptuj Introduction there. It's not much of a dating site this, either. Does anyone want to come and have sex with me at my place? I might have to tell this whole instance to fuck off if things don't improve pretty sharpish.

It's not really surprising they're not biting in Ptuj if they're epigenetically wired to think that people are supposed to smell like a chicken factory.

I'd also like to nominate Don for JISM of the Year.

Plinovodi's explanation of their new domestic gas usage estimation methodology for Slovenci who refuse to read their gas meters each and every month.

The new methodology began 1st Oct 2018. Can experts in the language see any formula there which could have resulted in either of October or November's estimates? No, I thought not.

As it's a bit geeky round here and Amazon-related legislation is in the news in Slovenia, here's my strange tale of 2018, resolved in the sense that they finally left me alone, but never properly explained or admitted - although you can see quite clearly they didn't have their shit together at all. Multiple faulty actions involving SEPA, sellers and customer, debt collection and Mauritius. A complete shitshow. You can safely start my story at Day 55 or even Day 66. A warning.


I hope tooters will enjoy these synesthetic recreations of Ptuj's weather over the last few years, before the demise of

PPM Labs' greatest hits

For those interested in the deepest background research a history of Kodelaism and other social phenomena is available at

ptuj weather

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