I'm looking at another #keyboard interest check saying it's using open source #firmware. Why do I have the sinking feeling it's yet another custom one?

There are cases where developing keyboard firmware from scratch makes sense. But those cases are rare. There's a reasonable variety already: TMK, QMK, KLL, Kaleidoscope. Why not work with them? You'd get a lot of good stuff for free.

Granted, to be able to port an existing firmware to your hardware, you need to have a rough understanding of how to do that. That's a bit of investment one has to make initially, while when writing your own, you can just start hacking on day one.

But by going on your own, you'll end up in the same traps as everyone else. You'll pay a much higher price later (and not much later, not later enough to be able to ignore it).

"10 things you didn't know about #keyboard #firmware" or "10 things everyone misunderstands about keyboard firmware".

I'd be hard pressed to keep it down to 10 things... would be an educational blog post, though. Perhaps I should write it.

@fileneed \o/

I sketched up a rough guide on how to set up & flash Kaleidoscope from scratch on an Atreus here: gist.github.com/algernon/9d60f

Let me know if you need more info, or run into any issues, and thanks a lot for volunteering!


@algernon oops, other thread? sadly I have no atreus. could have a go with eventually. we are using QMK for them at the moment.

@fileneed Ah, right. Sorry! If the Dactyl is wired like an ErgoDox, that should already work, had reports of that.

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