Can someone please tell me why is the Backend of still locked for updates?
I would really like to it 🤦‍♂️

@lapor You could try contacting @Gargron or opening an issue on GitHub. But you've probably already done these things.

@Mayana @Gargron
So it seems that weblate is down and I have to do pull requests on
I never did it before, but I'm shure it's not that hard 🤔

@lapor @Mayana @Gargron est f they'll allow them via github's web ui, it's easy. Otherwise it's a bit more complicated via fork-clone-branch-edit-commit-PR your own repo using local git. I think.

@Gargron @luka @Mayana Thanks for info. I'll continue on the Crowdin page 🤓

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