We managed to get some space for bikes on the train. We (in Slovenia) don't have a train for bikes. Some trains take max. 4 bikes and we were the 3rd and the 4th (last two) 😅
Now we need some luck for the next train, to get to our starting point, Most na Soči (Bridge over the Soča river).
Maybe, just maybe, Slovenians trains will get to 2020. Some day...🤔

First day was just enjoying the Soča river, reading a book and cycling a bit.
Tomorrow we have 40 km to Brda. But we are probably going over hills and there is 1200m of climbing accross first 15 km.
I can hardly wait 🚵

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The first tour went well. It was quite a climb, but we managed. It was total of 1187 m of climbing in 50 km of distance.
Now we are in Kojsko in Brda. Had a nice dinner and a splendit glass of Cabarnet Franc. Tomorrow we'll enjoy the region of wine and continue our expeditiln on Thursday.

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Yesterday was a relaxing and enjoing Šmartno, winetasting and good food. Today, the tour is back on. By the Soča river to Miren, where is our next destination. The sun is strong, the air is hot, but we are ready 🚵

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Lokvica near Miren was nice. A lot of ww1 leftovers, cave Pečinka (where the office of the admiral was), Gradišče (which was partialy build by Leonardo Da Vinci), swimming in the sea and cycling. Now we are in Tomaj. We cycled 205 km (didn't calculate the climbs yet) and tomorrow is day off. Reading book and drinking wine at the pool :blobcoffee:

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Tomaj was nice and calm. One day off, the others back on the bike. Today is our last day and we're already waiting for the train in Divača. Rain cought us on the road, but we managed to save some clothes from getting wet and we managed to eat really good gnocchi with truffles at Muha.

It was a splendit trip. I would even go that far and say that it was one of my best trips of my life. Bike really gets you everywhere 😊

And here is a picture from a nice horse. For finish 😄

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