"I’ve always been very attached to people who were interested in politics, and it’s clear that I don’t write and I’ve never written music that would just be researching musical material, it’s always tied to more important things." -- Vinko Globokar


"Vedno sem bil zelo vezan na ljudi, ki so se zanimali za politiko, in jasno je, da ne pišem in nikoli nisem pisal glasbe, ki bi bila samo raziskava glasbenega materiala, vedno je vezana na pomembnejše stvari." -- Vinko Globokar

“I never understood what rules I was supposed to learn, and what rules I was supposed to break.”
Morton Feldman

@luka That is interestingly controversial. The resemblance to nazis burning books is of course there & the coldness of the one who burns. Beyond extra-individual connotations i am a human watcher. I feel for the loss of a 3/4 length bass, which probably was a characterful entity of its own. This video tempts me to state "that artist puts himself above an empathic feeling for the matter." Hard to say, if i am okay with this. I think not, provocation alone doesn't make political art, empathy does.

@jayrope how do you understand the message of the artist burning his instrument? what is his message, or what do you read from such an act?

@jayrope well I see it completely differently.

the artist is not above this empathy.

maybe the context is missing. the artist burned his instrument during the protests against the fascist government which was on power in 2012 and was heavily damaging the art field.

I don't see it as mindless provocation, but an expression of powerlessness, the last resort to scream a message of state of neglect. this is highly emotional action that calls for empathy and directs political action.

@luka Thank you, it's good to get another angle. Like i said, i feel for that bass.

@luka I realize i am missing info from the video "Recorded during anti-government protests on 7.2.2012." Which country, where exactly, Slovakia?

@luka Ai, that helps, thank you. I have no idea of recent political history of Slovenia.

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