Is it amusing or sad that it took so many years for me to notice this peculiar, and quite possibly intentional thing about #braille? I only started figuring it out yesterday, rolling the new braille d20 around in my hands.
So, on this d20, numbers from 1 to 10 are represented with letters from a through j, and numbers from 11 to 20 with k through t.
K is an a but with the dot #3 on top. L is b but with dot #3. M is c but with dot #3. N-d, o-e, p-f, q-g, r-h, s-i, t-j.
The pattern is constant. The second 10 letters in the English braille alphabet are the same as the first 10, but with the dot #3 added on top. All of them!

Then u. A, but with dots #3 and #6. V, b but with #3 and #6. W ... uh, j but with #6 ... you know what, fuck w. It has a weird name anyway. X is c but with #3 and #6, y is like that but for d, and z is like that but for e.
So if w looked like x, if everything was moved backward, then z would look like 1-2-3-4-6. Like the & sign.
Would that reality be better? Probably not, at least in my case. After all, then ž, one of the letters in the Slovenian alphabet, could not look like a backwards z, because that would be a y. But still, it is a possible reality we might've had.


@Mayana it was hard to get from those toots alone if what you are describing is a positive or negative thing. I got it later from the thread that it's a pattern that helps in memorizing, but only in english. I hope I got that right.

@luka Ah, sorry for the confusion!
Well, for the most part, it just *is* a thing. A neutral pattern, cool to me just because I noticed it. Because apparently these dots aren't assigned nearly as randomly as I thought. 🙂
But yes, this does also make memorizing letter placement a little easier. So that, s great, too!

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