i'm now permanently in chat channels:

on freenode IRC
on espernet IRC
Ardour on Matrix/Freenode IRC

i'm using great client for Matrix: - they have a lovely mobile client too.

it's pretty much like slack.
but it's federated, with an open API (choose different clients), and interoperational with other chat networks (has IRC bridges and more). after this I don't know why I'd need FB messenger anymore.

(this should go into actually)

that said, on IRC i will appear as novadeviator. i think I need to change that.

@luka Hey! How do you use RIOT.IM to join freenode IRC ? :)

@themartylake on the web interface when you go to room directory on top right next to search bar is a drop-down menu where you switch from matrix to freenode. You can then just write the channel you want to join

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