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Huge inspiration these days:

" Capitalist platforms are not good. They are not pro-art. They don't care about content. " - Peter Coffin

" i really don't believe that there's ever going to be a label, a channel, a streaming service, or a tech platform that is truly 100% "artist friendly". why? because nobody who is out to fundamentally MAKE A PROFIT can ever, truly, be 'artist friendly' " - Amanda Palmer


Luka ( @luka

huge inspiration these days cont'd:

these are people whose blogs/pages I read last week and made me feel like there are also people like me who think that there's a way to fight for the public access to art for any and everyone.

Gween Seemel

Kathryn Rose @artsyhonker

Paul Stacey's essay in Made with Creative Commons book:

Eylul Dogruel @eylul