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Luka ( @luka

is there a mastodon instance for older and retired people?

@luka there is no reason why there couldn't be and there are a few older folk on here, but significant UI changes may be required for accessibility as a stock instance has quite small text which can become hard to read with any kind of eyesight problem. At very least higher contrast should be available.

Already there appear to be several people aged 50 and above on here, perhaps more so than on other social networks which seem pitched at "youth audiences"

@vfrmedia I think eyesight is less of a problem in particular case concerned. It's more about some group-help in terms of searching for content, connecting within certain age-group, similar interests, etc...

@luka I think then we need the groups functionality (which is promised for later versions of the software). There are of course a lot of hobbies shared across age groups, #amateurradio, #retrocomputing and #electronics (particularly restoring vintage audio/video equipment) being three that immediately come to mind, although I think also #art, such as #writing and #drawing/#painting are going to attract wider age ranges. Already Mastodon has a very wide age range of users which is ofc good..

@vfrmedia I'm actually asking because I have a retired 70+ relative who can use a Linux pc pretty well (but no programming skills) and is interested in gerontology news or any news how older people are living around the world to write short articles in a local magazine for retired folk and wants to know how mastodon can be useful for such task...