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Luka ( @luka

my instance is home to 36 users.

in the local timeline the last toot that is not mine is from 3 days ago and one before like that is from 9 days ago.

I wasn't expecting this ... desertedness.

But on the other hand, I don't know what I did expect.

Started my own self-care instance a week ago, but I'm the only one there. I haven't had time to finish setting it up, plus it's by invitation only at present. :)

@luka Well, thanks for the instance! I choose this instance because the url is short. 😆

I think mastodon still have emptiness problem. Like for example, when I join, I don't know who the account that interesting to follow. Especially when you join small instance. Really want to use mastodon as my main feed source, but it seems there is no news media using mastodon now, so I currently use mastodon just as a platform to express my thought.

@fian hey there, welcome. The handle got a face :), maybe also write little bio on your profile and an post.

You can find people with similar interests by using a big instance's tags via url like this:

You can follow people by clicking on their avatar and then on their profile use "remote follow".

Also: paste the url of a single toot public page (click on time-link of the toot) into search bar to boost, star or reply without following.