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Luka Prinčič (tootsi)

Cr*p, CDP actually IS released under GNU GPL! Sooooooooo FLOSS!

Working on sound processing using arcane and messy but amazing CDP - Composer's Desktop Project (command-line and/or Renoise). I wish they would make it floss!

And everything ready for a (burlesque) performance "Matilda And Her Buns" in Ljubljana, tonight, part of festival City of Women.

"Siclar" by Lifecutter, handmade limited edition booklet with CDr.

"To the makers of music - all worlds, all times."

oh nice.

here's another trick with audio and ffmpeg:

IF you have an mp3/ogg/flac/opus file that has an EMBEDED COVER in ID3 tag, ffmpeg will be very smart with it - all i did here was:

ffmpeg -i levitation.flac -pix_fmt yuv420p levitation.mp4

if ffmpeg complains, try setting image size with -s parameter:

ffmpeg -i input.flac -pix_fmt yuv420p -s 640x640 output.mp4

Protection is here. Eager to test it sometime soon.

Care for your ears on loud parties.

Today's find: Russian language lessons for Italians - on 10 barely touched 7" records!

exporting the vinyl-only DJ set from Friday in two parts. cut and minimally edited in 5.11

So here.

Because GIFY.
And albatrosses.

Yesterday D.J. Nova was found missing at the Big Beat Boutique 😉 celebrating 20 years of pretty dancefloors, mixes and grooving bodies in rare but overwhelmingly healing trance.

Resina, rouge-ah (Urška Preis, Kamizdat album forthcoming), Flanger/Atom™, Warrego Valles (Kamizdat album out 30. November), Jan Jelinek... wow. SONICA festival, Ljubljana!

D.J. Nova circa 1999. I was 21.

These days I'm celebrating 20 years of this handle. And it's time to slowly let it go, make place for new stuff.

(If you're in Ljubljana, I'll be playin oldies and new stuff at Pritličje.)

photo by Borchi