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njegovo telo je dišalo po reki
temni vonj molčečih tolmunov
zastalih rečnih rokavov
polnih ribjega zaroda in račje zeli
vonj po gnilobi mulja z rečnega dna
vonj po brzicah
po hitrih drstečih se ribjih telesih
vonj po mehkih oblinah kamnov
prebožanih z vodo
njegovo telo je dišalo po reki


Ponudba mesa eksotičnih živali v SPARu.

Presenečen in zmeden.

The wild cat that used to visit me, 10 years ago, at my house in the woods up the hill, where I was living at the time.

Record listening. Lasse Passage.

Hello Mastodon. It's the freakin Monday.

I have a huge room of *stuff* to organize into boxes, throw things away (or recycle) and put everything back to the storage behind my studio. I've been onto it for last 5-6 days but not made much progress.

been enjoying watching the "Legion" TV series. It's pretty well made. It's kinda challenging and seems some original directing.

"Bold, intelligent, and visually arresting, Legion is a masterfully surreal and brilliantly daring departure from traditional superhero conceits."

How to quickly get up to speed with GO?

a message to our community of those who are struggling with feelings of lonelines, abandonment and depression: just remember,


in these festive days, we are especially vulnerable and in need of support. so reach out to your best friend, to you family, tell them to watch out for you a little bit more, make hugs a bit longer than usual, hold hands with your friend. keep people around you. take care of yourself, you can make it, day by day, hour by hour. 🌞 ☀️ 🌻

Yesterday I blocked (on fb) a fellow musician who kept commenting on my feminist-related posts with his male-privileged bs about how feminism is false.

I already politely told him that it makes no sense to comment with antifeminist opinions on my posts since I'm obviously passionate and declared feminist.

It's like continuously commenting on posts by deeply religious person that god doesn't exist.

It's just plain trolling. I'm sorry but I have zero tolerance for such behavior.

if you ever found useful, and you can afford it, now is a good time to donate to them.

watching live FCC meeting on net neutrality

Lovely tunes being transcribed into my only to be converted to some manic electro bass crazyness. Not to mention we actually localized the song's lyrics into our own swearing and bitchin in slovene!

Some of the shots from last week event at new (Ljubljana Digital Media Lab) space. I'm reading the essays in Made With Creative Commons book right now and its perspective on sustainable CC-based business models is very inspirational, I must say.


Talking and playing at CreativeCommons Slovenia meet/event tonight! At LJUDMILA, Ljubljana.

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