@lapor i really want my next phone to be fairphone.

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Reportaža iz FOSDEM 2019 in CopyleftConf, z malimi singularnostmi in Christopherjem Lemmerjem Webberjem danes ob 23.00 na Radiu Študent 89.3MHz in spletnem streamu @natacha @cwebber radiostudent.si/dru%C5%BEba/te

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Maybe you could spread the word around... :)

@submedia, @thefinalstrawradio

5th International Gathering Of Anarchist and Antiauthoritarian Radios, Zurich, 14-17 February 2019

++++ Anarchist Radio Live Broadcast ++++
--- This Sunday, 2pm-8pm (cet) ---

Follow the updates on dedicated webpage: infolorafr.noblogs.org

To communicate directly with the studio in Zurich in order to share information, announcements or whatever use the following channels:

Twitter: @aradio_berlin
Mastodon: @acerbic

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Good to hear the skill is not gone, dead.

OH you are testing fairphone open os ? Yay !

Ja, kar mene moti pri fedilabu je ta nek 'bloated' feeling vmesnika. Ampak ima pa sigurno već featurjev (ćefurjev?) kot Tusky. Ampak le-ta pa je bolj minimalistično in blazno z občutkom oblikovan.

Odgovarjam direktno iz fedilaba zdajle. Torej z tootsi dela :fedilab:🐺🦊

@lapor ja sem ga včeraj probal. sam sem vpisal samo moj PeerTube, pa probal sem friendico, pa ni šlo, ampak je potem tom rekel, da moral izbrati GNUsocial za friendico ampak da bo to v naslenjem releasu poenostavljeno/avtomatsko.

kaj pa tusky štrajka? a mišliš v razvoju?

@tara that sounds like a very special superskill. like a very strong intuition. or maybe a particular author has certain energy channels closed. or maybe the text is on purpose playing with confusing that tone.

Neki s klorom ni bilo v redu danes, tako da nič plavanja danes, samo savna.

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Today is UNESCO World Radio Day! 📻


This year's theme is "Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace" and radio stations around the world have been putting together programming on that theme for broadcast today.

Radio is still massively important, especially in developing countries, and even in the West community radio is still an amazing way to bring diverse groups of people together in creative pursuits.

Have a look what your local station is up to: diamundialradio.org/events

@fileneed veliko govora o implementaciji federiranih dogodkov (events, calendar) v temple threadu na githubu od GetTogether:


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Since we have an ad in the new issue of The Wire it was of utmost importance to update the design of out #netlabel #Kamizdat web page!

Go check it out! kamizdat.si


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@tara what? šta? memories or current events?

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The new blog post dropped and so did I.

(Because I'm sleepy. Good night.)

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This week in Rijeka (#Croatia) at Drugo More: drugo-more.hr/en/who-does-what

"Who Does What?" (WDW?) is a show and a symposium that looks at how work is performed, delegated, outsourced, crowdsourced, transformed, destabilized, disguised, displaced, concealed and revealed, rejected and reclaimed. WDW? focuses on the present of work, a time in which work is as present as ever.

WDW? asks what happens when social media users become neurons of a hive-mind ready to be consulted, when most endeavors become services that can be commissioned and purchased online, when people become software extensions, when online marketplaces shrink the global geography of freelancing. Where and how value extraction is taking place?

WDW? also reflects on the work dynamics taking place within the art and design field: it questions the entrepreneurial shift from art to art direction. What kinds of labor go into art? Who are the ones performing it? Which activities, side-jobs, formal and informal economies constitute or limit a practice?

Finally, WDW? looks at manifestations of forms of labor that were rendered invisible, strategies to reclaim pleasure in activity, ways of finding pride and meaning in making and doing.

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On Writing This Post and Making Some Videos in the Past write.as/tara/

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