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Luka Prinčič (tootsi)

@darius what about sharing? you know, when browse your gallery of pictures and click share? can you register your web client into that?

every now and then I use this amazing site called Freesound where you can find many different sounds under CC licences to use in your projects.

I've now setup a monthly donation of $1.

Cr*p, CDP actually IS released under GNU GPL! Sooooooooo FLOSS!

Working on sound processing using arcane and messy but amazing CDP - Composer's Desktop Project (command-line and/or Renoise). I wish they would make it floss!

@davidpgil I love computer art. Including games, I guess, when they are created in an indie and creative way, good smart stories, and non-violent and complex interaction requiring a lot of mind work..

@davidpgil I'm actually as non-gamer as you can get. I was addicted for a short time and I hate it/them. I'm actually working on an live audio-visual performance using Renoise, SuperCollider and Processing called Interface Fractures.

I feel has really nice interface. And it feels "native" to mastodon. Looking forward to improvements with the new maintainer.

Good morning. It's a quiet Saturday so far. Everyone's still asleep, even the dog. I'm having a cup of black tea before I commute to studio to work on sounds and moving images and code.

T minus 6 days

amazing playful and special editing and film making by Takahiro Morita from Far East Skate Network

@hugo thanks for the great work and awesome interruption-less service!

Samsung is bringing DESKTOP LINUX to its smartphones!

The mobile giant has this week announced the ‘Linux on Galaxy’ project that, it says, will give smartphones the capability to “run Linux-based distributions on mobile devices”.

So if you dream of using the smartphone in your pocket as a desktop Linux PC, you’ll be pleased to know that Samsung clearly shares it.


#Linux #smartphones #Samsung #Ubuntu #convergence #Galaxy #dream

I like to search (DuckDuckGo) "house by the sea" and then browse through images...

@InspectorCaracal can you paste complete output via some pastebin?


Are you installing directly with dpkg? What is the command you are using.?is this via graphical software center? Synaptic? Apt get?

Another episode of our "Image Snatchers" performance done tonight.

a little corner of my heart belongs to Aotearoa New Zealand because i have spent some really precious time 10 years go there. so this is great news:

"Jacinda Ardern will become the country's third female prime minister, after New Zealand First leader Winston Peters threw his support behind Labour to form a coalition government and end nearly a decade of National rule."

I hope she/they will now do "the right thing" and stop neolib privatisation, among other things.

@Concerned_Catgirl yes yes I quickly retracted my statement but delete works in its own mysterious ways on fediverse :)