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Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam Lucky

"Opirajoč se na neusahljivo relevantnost Kosovelovih verzov, njegovo iskrenost, melanholično preroštvo in sentimentalno tragičnost, Ferlin v Sad Sam Lucky ustvari izjemno fizičen, turbulenten in emocionalen poklon temu samosvojemu avantgardističnemu pesniku."

(music by yours truly)


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"In her project *The Taste of Silence Always Resonates* Irena Tomažin once again uses the medium of voice and body as her tool(s) to tackle the themes of tradition, heritage and the status of voice(s) and images, which voice as a medium of oral tradition is carrying on, from one generation to the next."


We start in about 10 minutes (pre-stream is already running)!
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TONIGHT on #emanatTV

Maja Delak: Expensive Darlings (2007)

"Expensive Darlings is a performance about the struggle for art as an individual ethical position (with all that pertains to this, the good, the bad, delightful, distressing, etc.), and is one of the most engaged performances of the past years in Slovenia. "


we start in 10 minutes

(take Firefox or Chromium and bring headphones, settle in for an hour of #ContemporaryDance)

#LiveArt #stream #performance #art

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Tonight we are watching a recording of our "Technoburlesque: Image Snatchers" - a project that is now into its seventh year.

You gotta watch this one with a beer or some drink. And play it loud, if you can.

CW! nudity, lewdness, weird dark political humor, and more NSFW content.

we start in less then 15 minutes!


#LiveArt #PerformingArts #StayAtHome #burlesque

We start live stream of the full video documentation of this 2011 telematic performance project in about 10 minutes. You are cordially invited!

The project Transmittance#1 included diverse artistic group that is mostly based in Pula Croatia. The basic theme of the project was to research performative possibilities of streaming, broadcasting and telepresence forging new types of performance and audience.


Tonight - a second day of this documentation live stream program - we are watching an almost three hour 'telematic' performance from 2011 we did for online and on-site audience simultaneously.

We start in less then an hour. Pre-stream with some music is already running. Please use Firefox or Chromium. Join us at #emanatTV on freenode (also accessible via matrix)


#ContemporaryDance #LiveArt #PerformingArts #StayAtHome

Yesterday's stream was quite a success. Not everyone could watch, but the audience was at ~50 most of the show. We've even had the author/choreographer in the chat providing a bit of the walkthrough.

Lessons learned:
- VLC does not play sound, strangely
- Icecast barely showed any work at this capacity on a basic DO droplet. All resources were more then enough (1xCPU, 1G RAM)

I'm not happy with stream reloads when clip is switched in ffmpeg, looking into named pipes with ffmpeg.

I've worked on this intensely these days and I'm really excited about starting the live program tomorrow evening 20:00 CET! It's a homegrown WebM/IceCast live stream, algo-less-ly off any commercial streaming platform.

»During a seemingly social eclipse, Emanat is launching a regular TV program freely accesible at tv.emanat.si. Every night, at 8.00 pm (CET) you will be able to watch recordings of performances from the Emanat archive, which date back to 2004.«

"... ko družbe začutijo, da je nekdo njihovo stisko poskusil zlorabiti, se odzovejo zelo trdno in odločno. Celotna zgodovina opeva to zmožnost družb in narodov, da so se taki zlorabi uprli. Slovenska pa še prav posebno."
(G. Repovž v današnji Mladini)

Danes sem imel preblisk, kako bomo prvi trenutek, ko bo možno, šli vsi na ulice proti janšizmu. Še bolj srdito kot 2012.

bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this friday, March 20

if you want to support artists/labels, they will get the full amount of any and all sales on that day


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No prov, če Alojz Ihan tko reče, strokovno mnenje, verjamem.

"V drugi fazi nas epidemiologija ne bo več zanimala, tistemu, ki bo zbolel in bo imel ustrezen opis bolezni, bo popolnoma mogoče pripisati okužbo z novim virusom, testirali bomo le še težje bolnike, ki bodo potrebovali bolnišnično zdravljenje, tisti z milejšimi znaki pa bodo ostali doma po podobnem protokolu kot pri gripi."

V resnici je okuženih pri nas od petkrat do desetkrat več - RTVSLO.si

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