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I was browsing a Peertube instance earlier and stumbled upon a copy of The Internet's Own Boy, a documentary about Aaron Swartz.

I haven't seen it before so I decided to give it a watch.

By the end of it I was in tears, I don't think I've seen anything in a while that made me cry like that.

Also, I had no idea he co-authored the RSS 1.0 specification, wow.

Hey y'all!
I have a general #PeerTube instance for creators & vloggers & recorders of random fun stuff at

If you're an active & supportive creator on this instance or another please feel free to DM me for an invite with your desired login, email & I'll try to accommodate. At the moment, i'll stop with the first 20 people to respond with my current budget to help y'all decentralize further. Please note the moderation policies I boost/host by for content.

Dva dni med filozofijo kriminala ob Soči in sociologijo preživetja ob Donavi pod plaščem Goge in punc v Vodnikovi domačiji. Brez bralnika, seveda.
Začetek poletja s polno luno in nabuhlim Marsom v ozadju. That's my way!

Today's PeerTube upload:

A video for a track from a 2016 release "Transmittance #1.5" by Maja Delak & yours truly.

Video material for the video comes from a telematic performance Transmittance #1 that we did in Pula, Croatia in 2011. Audio on the album is from another iteration of the same few months later (#1.5)

more info + download the album: :cc_cc: :cc_by: :cc_sa:

#music #NewMedia #performance #video

Lihkar kupu 8TB usb disk. Preveč projektov in video materiala - žal nezmontiranega. Ne dohajam. Obzirom hitr naprej skok na naslednji projekt, ni časa niti dobro arhivirati prejšnjega.

ok, dug into my little memory of git and published current version of source code of upcoming album in #SuperCollider on #GitLab

the code is #FreeSoftware

I have more ideas
- pure automaton, playing indefinitely and randomly different parts with different parameters
- fancy user-friendly GUI for those uncomfortable with code
but will I maybe later or some other time.

I now have a #PeerTube account where I will be uploading past music videos from my YT till the end of the month.

On saturday I'll post a premiere of my new video for new #AntigoneChild mini-album. I will be posting old videos, one each day.

You can follow me with a mastodon or any ActivityPub account by adding/searching:

#redecentralize #fediverse #deleteYouTube

So tired of YouTube. So happy to be able to use PeerTube!

My federated channel which you can subscribe to with any ActivityPub account soon to come!

#deleteYouTube #deleteGoogle

Working on converting recordings back to #SuperCollider code to hopefully release it by the end of the month.

Antigona včeraj: novo doživetje 2000-letne mantre o ljubezni, politiki in smrti. Minimalističen pristop Matije Ferlina - gib in Luke Prinčiča - muzika večnosti, nepozabno. unforgetable, nezaboravno.

Ok, the above toot should've had an image attached. Here it is now:

@Liberapay or maybe just missing any information whatsoever why this person is getting my donation that is meant for LiberaPay. are they really contributing to the project? and if so, what? to a donor, this is important information. or at least to have information that this person is a legitimate receiver of my financial support.

@Liberapay i was checking my liberapay donations and i'm seeing that a person from LiberaPay team is getting my donation, but that person - I assume they are a developer - has no information on their profile that they're actually working on LiberaPay, neither their link to githum profile cannot connect them to the LiberaPay project. so as far as I can see, I'm donating to somebody I cannot see that they are actually working on this project. This feels very non-transparent.

>> Če govorimo o slovenski ljudski glasbi, bi za oddaljeno preteklost njuno morali bolj ohranjati oziroma mlade bolj seznanjati v šolskem procesu z dvema njenima prvinama. Prva je petdobna metrika, ki je vezana tudi na rubato, kar pomeni, da so ljudje prepevali v svobodnem ritmu in pogosto tudi v petčetrtinskem taktu. Druga pa je večglasje, ki so ga do perfekcije privedli predvsem pevci in pevke na Koroškem, kjer je vse ubrano, četudi ni vedno v skladu s pravili... <<

After #GDPR the European Parliament is working hard at turning the Internet into AOL2.0.

#Article13, the #CensorshipMachines, has been adopted by @EP_Legal with a 15:10 majority. Again: We will take this fight to plenary and still hope to #SaveYourInternet