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V želji po transparentnosti in tudi zavedanja, da je tudi skupnost, ki se skuša sama vzdrževati, prilagam pregled donacij in stroškov za vozlišče od 1.6.2017

Ob tem je tudi pomembna infomacija, da je LiberaPay omogočil prejemanje donacij preko PayPal-a, kar pomeni, da lahko sedaj "anonimno" donirate ekipi preko (zaradi PayPal-a so email naslovi vidni prejemniku in plačniki).

Hvala vsem za vašo podporo!!

more than code, we need stewardship. more than individual action, we need comrades. more than blame, we need standards. more than the benevolence of dictators, we need accountable governance. together we are strong, and together our works grow stronger!

i think music by Vectroid (Ramona Andra Xavier) is kindof like what Fusion Jazz was to the 70/80s. or whatever. but this album is amazing:

#MastoRadio #np #MastoMusic #electronic #jazz #MidiFunk


Linus Torvalds 

>> You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth.

For to be idle is to become a stranger unto the seasons, and to step out of life’s procession that maries in majesty and proud submission towards the infinite.

When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music.

Which of you would be a reed, dumb and silent, when all else sings together in unison? <<

~~ #KahlilGibran #TheProphet #OnWork

Remember VynilVideo?

Now a contemporary version of the converter is available to buy and even new records coming out. Yes, it has a Raspberry Pi inside.

"Radio art is a process art rather than an object art. You cannot fix the live process as it was. In fact, it's very hard to control even one-meter-radius of electromagnetic field. We cannot perfectly control our own hands. Therefore we have to 'release' myself toward things themselves: airwaves themselves. "

from "A Radioart Manifesto", 2008, Tetsuo Kogawa

I might talk about this later more, but my radio beginnings are connected to local student radio (in Slovenia) especially connected to initiatives Ministry of Experiment, Luka Frelih (@fileneed), Borut Savski, and Radio Xchange - pioneering experiments with online audio streaming (using RealMedia). That was cca 1995.

"Splet je omogočil veličastne stvari. Na žalost pa nismo ničesar od teh veličasnih stvari izkoristili. Danes imamo v žepu telefon, velik kot škatlica cigaret, v katerem je vsa pamet človeštva, od starih Sumercev do danes; v njem je vsa književnost sveta, vsi filmi, vsa umetnost, kultura, vse znanje, vsi jeziki ... Od vsega tega pa nas zanimajo fotografije delfinov in golih žensk, ustaši in partizani. Res smo retardirani,"
-- B. Dežulović



The Feminalz
"Technoburlesque: Image Snatchers 2"

The technoburlesque show Image Snatchers is a series of constantly changing and evolving episodes, now already in its sixth season. It is a modern take on burlesque, packed with witty feminist-inspired campy and queer humour and often critically commenting ....

#electro #hiphop #techno #netaudio #netlabel #ccmusic #free #freemusic

Danes pa v Maribor, kjer špilamo "Staging a Play: Steklena menažerija" Matije Ferlina. (minoritska cerkev, ob 19h)

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