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Ljubljančani (in okolica): save the date - ta četrtek (18.7) zvečer ob 21h v hlad v Tivoliju in nekaj resne breakbeat akcije: BeatMyth v Švicariji (nad MGLC)! + digitalna izdaja kratkometražca Multiply EP.

A je to dovoljeno? Oglas v sobotnem Dnevniku kjer je besedilo tako v angleščini kot srbohrvaščini (poleg slovenščine).

What would it be like if machine intelligences of the far future tried to recreate tea?
This may be the most experiment I've ever done.

@lapor ko boš kakšnemu macboi-u predlagal Linux reči raje da mu instaliraš MacOSX Plasma édition.. In mu pokaži/daj laptop s temle:

Europe has already exhausted its fish resources for 2019, says WWF

> The European Union reached its “fish dependency day” this Tuesday. That meant that the continent had, in theory, consumed all its fish resources for 2019 and depended on importations to meet demand, the WWF stated on the basis of a report made by the New Economics Foundation.

tootsi obvestilo, blokirane domene 

Google contractors are secretly listening to your Assistant recordings 

#2173 "Trained a Neural Net" 

Because the venue is stoney box with only wooden ceiling and shiny floor I had to seriously cut low and low-mids on the vocal. I tried to tone down the first few multiples on axial room modes, but with this heavy reverb and 2 pairs of speakers each pointing in different direction it's just - "keep the gain low as much as possible" on the mic channel.


Me veseli, da je zdaj novica o tem tudi v slovenščini. Če ste lastnik spletne strani, prosim, ne uporabljajte ReCAPTCHA. Grozna je za zasebnost, kot večina Googlovih produktov; poleg tega pa gre itak večini od nas na živce. Obstaja veliko uporabnikom bolj prijaznih alternativ.

I have promised more photos from Smena+Velvia experiment, so I now created an album on flickr and uploaded a selection of what came out from that photolab today.

(buy me a coffee if you like it!

#photography #CreativeCommons

Good morning masto/fedi!

Just sitting in a caffee in front of local photolab too excited to share some scans from x-processed #Fujifilm #Velvia 35mm shot with #SMENA.

#photography #film #lomo #DoubleExposure #NoFilter #XPro

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