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@Gina And you should not, ideally we should work on commons, bricks of things usable by all where everyone participates and keeps time for us ... the project should make sense not the ego, individualism makes sell (ourself) and separates, social networks have a large part in this. Capitalism of attention and free time 😑

European Citizens' Initiative: Start Unconditional Basic Incomes (UBI) throughout the EU

"Our aim is to establish the introduction of unconditional basic incomes throughout the EU which ensure every person’s material existence and opportunity to participate in society as part of its economic policy. This aim shall be reached while remaining within the competences conferred to the EU by the Treaties."

#Europe #Europa #EU #UBI #BasicIncome #UniversalBasicIncome

advanced mastodon etiquette 

(not a subtoot; this is a thing I try to re-announce every so often as a mod)

if you're writing a long public thread to a slow local timeline, you can avoid filling it up with your own toots by making that first toot public, & the rest of them "unlisted."

if you indicate in the first toot that there's more (whether by context, or saying something like "long thread" or "1/?"), people who are interested can still click through to read the whole thing!

friendly reminder: please caption your shit

thank you ☺️

Potem ko sem poskeniral qr kodo na notranji strani škatle od pizze sem jim moral dat email, svoje ime, starost in spol, da so mi dali zastonj pol litra kokakole ki je sploh ne pijem ob naslednjem naročilu. Oh dejno blargh!


I came to mastodon/the fediverse because I believe in cooperation, learning and mutual support. Being a musician (of sorts), I also wanted to be a part of a musical community, and that's why I joined sonomu.

Last year I started a netlabel/project called Gömmaren/Gømmaren. Not sure what it will end up being, but the main focus, musically, is slow-moving music. A web site is on its way, but for now there's a BC page:

misc: neurodivergent, cat parent.


"If no one escapes that interdependency, then we are equal in a different sense. We are equally dependent, that is, equally social and ecological, and that means we cease to understand ourselves only as demarcated individuals. If trans-exclusionary radical feminists understood themselves as sharing a world with trans people, in a common struggle for equality, freedom from violence, and for social recognition, there would be no more trans-exclusionary radical feminists."

-- Judith Butler


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"We tend to say that one person should be treated the same as another, and we measure whether or not equality has been achieved by comparing individual cases. But what if the individual – and individualism – is part of the problem? It makes a difference to understand ourselves as living in a world in which we are fundamentally dependent on others, on institutions, on the Earth, and to see that this life depends on a sustaining organisation for various forms of life."

Če si nov na mastodonu (in ) in te medejo home/local/federated časovnice na različnih vozliščih, je tule kar dobra razlaga:

@serioussalad Shorter descriptions are fine here. When looking at a picture, brains generally immediately identify certain parts as important, and focus on those first. Shorter descriptions help us do that, as well.
Though of course, it depends on what you're describing. If it's a poster, for example, the most important detail is what is on it, not the color of the paper or its thickness. If it's a flower, feel free to get more, well, flowery. :P


Our tomorrow's technoburlesque performance is canceled due to some positives in the troupe.

Si že videl_a peticijo za odstop Simonitija?
Tu se da prebrat in podpisat:

Tomaj was nice and calm. One day off, the others back on the bike. Today is our last day and we're already waiting for the train in Divača. Rain cought us on the road, but we managed to save some clothes from getting wet and we managed to eat really good gnocchi with truffles at Muha.

It was a splendit trip. I would even go that far and say that it was one of my best trips of my life. Bike really gets you everywhere 😊

And here is a picture from a nice horse. For finish 😄

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Now also in ENG and IT:
"The statement of Anarchist Initiative Ljubljana/.../We stand in solidarity with the residents of Anhovo and of the wider Soča Valley, not with the capital!
Let’s stop the factory that is stopping our hearts and lungs!
On Saturday, September 19th 2020, we are joining the rally For Nature along Soča in Anhovo and we call upon everyone to support the struggle of the local community for life, for nature, for the future of us all."

On September 19 2020, we hiked, paddled and cycled along the Soča river, finishing together we gathered in Anhovo to protest against the industries and authorities that are destroying our air, water and soil for their profit. LET'S STOP the dictatorship of capital!

Dobro jutro.
Nov dan, še en ponedeljek, nov teden:

🔛 danes: 'Samo za danes' Maje Delak v stari elektrarni

🔜 jutri: 'Staging a Play: Antigona' Matije Ferlina v Celovcu

🔜 sreda: 'Staging a Play: Antigona' v stari elektrarni

🔜 četrtek: 'Tehnoburleska: Tatovi podob' v klubu Gromka (razprodano)

🔜 petek: pobeg v Sočergo 😁

Kakšni so tvoji plani za danes/ta teden?

Contemporary black experimental music:

I've put together a list of 32 black experimental artists currently working in genres as diverse as noise, hip hop, jazz, ambient and more.

Any suggestions for artists to add to this list are more than welcome!

#Music #experimentalmusic #blm #blacklivesmatter

Na Avanti brezosebni postaji za gorivo (pri Hoffer ju na dolgem mostu) imaš RPi za pohekat.

Local 'Radio Student' just played 'Take Me Into Your Skin' by Trentemøller and it just killed it.


wired: e-kultura


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TOOTSI je slovenska večjezična Mastodon instanca katere osnovni cilj je omogočati prostor varen od terorja algoritmov corporativnih družbenih omrežij, diktature profita pred uporabniki in podpornikov kiber-nadlegovanja in sodobnega neolib-fašizma.