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"i always wanted to believe in a systemless system. i always wanted to believe that publicity and reach were secondary to writing. i know i'm wrong, but it's such a bitter pill to have to swallow when you've spent 34 hours working on a song and you watch it get less engagement because it isn't a feminist rant, a provocative remark about taylor swift or a picture of a baby.
i feel like a fucking failure when those things weigh more by facebook standards"

Amanda Palmer

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včeraj sva z Jolando malo klepetala na Valu 202

(an interview/discussion I had on national radio about my latest work and then some... in slovene)

- select text
- press ctrl/command+c to copy
- click to make other window/app active
- click to position the cursor
- press ctrl ctrl/command+v to paste

- select text
- middle-click to paste into the other window at the position where you want the text

no third button? Press scroll-wheel. Or left+right-click (both mouse buttons at the same time).

Perfect for copy-pasting one liners from browser into you terminal window (where ctrl+v does not work).

YouTube makes it so you can't link to your Patreon unless you show YouTube's ads

Something something I told you about other people controlling your distributions channel something something

Here's the sign-up form if you want to be part of an awesome and experimental Mastodon music collaboration.

#music #mastomusic

Oh, the other day I also found this...

( )

It just occured the me that you shouldn't be allowed to use the internet at all if you wouldn't understand the basic concept of public key cryptography.

My labelmates Warrego Valles are playing tonight with esteemed Atom™/Flanger next door from my studio (and Kamizdat HQ) + Nina DJ set @Rog

Thank you thank you thank you to all developers who are creating free and open source software to make the world a better - more just - place. I'm inspired by projects like nextCloud and Mailvelope/OpenPGP.js, not to mention Mastodon, GNU/Linux, emacs, SuperCollider, GIMP, Ardour and many many more!

If you are a floss developer you are my hero!

»... ne ponujam odgovorov, temveč zastavljam vprašanja. Moji projekti so nihilističen odziv na psihopatologijo vsakdana. Zanima me samo, kako je mogoče, da je na svetu toliko denarja, hkrati pa toliko ljudi še vedno umira od revščine ali ker nimajo dostopa do zdravljenja. Kako lahko leta 2017 živimo v tolikšni hipokriziji, da tako majhnemu odstotku ljudi pripada krovna humanistična pravica biti človek?« -- Maja Smrekar

there are people living today that still don't know what is Creative Commons?

Today's find: Russian language lessons for Italians - on 10 barely touched 7" records!

Mastodon isn't immune to this, but as pointed out by @darius its economic model tends toward better outcomes. Virality and outrage are rewarded on Twitter/Facebook/etc because it keeps you hooked to the screen, which is what advertisers want.

Mastodon doesn't care how many hours you use it. It doesn't need an algorithmic timeline to try to keep you hooked. You can use Mastodon for 5 minutes per day and as long as it brings value to your life, that's great.

Good morning Mastodon!

Today I drive to the seaside for some last remaining packages from the house we sold few months ago. It's like we are moving history to a new location where it will get new life. I think it's special. It's a change, good opportunity to rethink and take new or solidify old directions. Change can be used as a force.

I hope it's sunnier in the south.

Please don't tell anyone I'm an admin of a server that is running Ubuntu Lucid! It's frustrating since things are slowly stopping to work.

discovering :) looks efficient, need to test it with a friend who's in norway