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instead of a frame, i made an animated gif.

title: googlearth10_h263p_bb_t3000_bb_t14000

(from Interface Fractures IV. - IF4Q)

#artober #glitchtober

i discovered making animated gifs from movies is also easy with ffmpeg.

lovely tutorial is here:

i just created that (as described in the tut) in my home bin folder,

made it executable:
$ chmod u+x

precut my video with

$ ffmpeg -t 5 -i INPUT.avi -c:v copy -map 0:v OUTPUT.avi

and then


When this guy posted that if he would be Slovenian he would immediately buy domain for queer-supportive mastodon instance i just knew I had to get it and our own hosting via @hugo

"i don't want my samples to sound clean. i want them to sound interesting" -- Ed DMX on reasons why he built his own drum machine without anti-aliasing filter

"To the makers of music - all worlds, all times."

today i successfully tested conference using one computer using webclient, one mobile using Android client and my friend in norway using her laptop.

we were able to video-talk for 2h, and I even did some screensharing.

most of the time the transmission was flawless. Every now and then the audio became very choppy but a quick reload fixed it. It took 2-3 seconds.

easy ACCOUNTLESS use: join your room and send a link around.

oh nice.

here's another trick with audio and ffmpeg:

IF you have an mp3/ogg/flac/opus file that has an EMBEDED COVER in ID3 tag, ffmpeg will be very smart with it - all i did here was:

ffmpeg -i levitation.flac -pix_fmt yuv420p levitation.mp4

if ffmpeg complains, try setting image size with -s parameter:

ffmpeg -i input.flac -pix_fmt yuv420p -s 640x640 output.mp4

[fr] Voici quelques sujets qu’il est généralement bon de mettre derrière un avertissement :
— sexisme, racisme, homophobie…
— mort
— maladie
— guerre
— agressions et violence en tout genre
— nourriture
— sexe
— phobies courantes (araignées, chiens, serpents…)
— politique
Merci de prendre soin les un·e·s des autres <3.

[en] Here are some topics which are commonly admited to be best put behind a warning:
— sexism, racism, homophobia…
— death
— sickness
— war
— violence
— food
— sex
— common phobias (spiders, dogs, snakes…)
— politics
Thank you for taking care of each others <3.

#Mastodon #MastodonEntraide #MastodonMutualAssistance

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@julianruf creepy fb is using users to train their machine learning algorithms & AI to detect personal emotions. #SurveillanceCapitalism at work. @aral would like this...

supposedly first use of TR-808 drum machine in 1980/81:

1000 Knives by Yellow Magic Orchestra

Protection is here. Eager to test it sometime soon.

Care for your ears on loud parties.

i'm thinking how to fork myself and rewrite some core functionality and add completely new GUI.

Become the resounding discursive techno beat you know yourself to be