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Bonkers Black Friday! DM me for a free access code for my album "Retrospective"

that said, on IRC i will appear as novadeviator. i think I need to change that.

i'm now permanently in chat channels:

on freenode IRC
on espernet IRC
Ardour on Matrix/Freenode IRC

i'm using great client for Matrix: - they have a lovely mobile client too.

it's pretty much like slack.
but it's federated, with an open API (choose different clients), and interoperational with other chat networks (has IRC bridges and more). after this I don't know why I'd need FB messenger anymore.

(this should go into actually)

Our (Kamizdat) last four releases in physical form.

Digital releases are all Creative Commons and "Name Your Price" free downloads.

Kamizdat is a boutique netlabel specialized in local slovenian electronic music talent with hand-made physical numbered limited editions of USBs, CDs and tapes usually in a booklet form rich with liner notes and photography.

If you started writing on because 'why not' and 'it's a slick process', consider the fact that the company has started pestering readers to sign up with pop-overs.

VC funded companies are not public works. Their investors will want that $134 million back.

If nothing works,
eat dry figs
and drink green jasmin tea.


(sorry, some self-motivational affirmations because I'm struggling with getting melodies right and putting them into SuperCollider patterns system under time pressure and pretty precise expectations-limitations)

I hereby propose a new Mastodon Slang Lingo addition: when u get boosted by Gargron it's called "getting gargled" now

work in progress.

made with new headphones (= bad mix, levels might be pretty off) this morning.

calling it 'tartuffe_epilogue_riser' for now. it's a proposition. i'll see in few hours if it's any good.

although the main feedback that matters in this case is the director's, all your reactions are more than welcome!

#music #bass #trap #electro #renoise #creativetoots #tartuffe

#NetNeutrality is NOT DEAD YET. Congress has stopped FCC votes before. Do NOT give up!

1) BOOST this to help spread the word that we can still stop this.

2) CALL your lawmakers:

3) PROTEST at Verizon stores on Dec 7:


Towards another première with the awesome director choreographer performer Matija Ferlin.

The show is called "Staging a Play: Tartuffe" and is a second in the series of works by Ferlin where he is researching the area between body movement and conventions of stage theatre. It premières this Saturday in Savičenta, Istria, Croatia.

#renoise #linuxaudio #electronicmusic #contemporarydance #stage #sound #artwithfreesoftware #artwithopensource

i'm staying in a small town in the central Istria, Croatia. i brought our dog with me and i'm staying and working in little rented house-appartment, quite nicely furbished, heating it with a woodstove. inside i'm in a t-shirt. outside is almost 0 degrees C.

i'm here for a week to finish music for a contemporary dance piece which premieres on saturday nearby.

most of the piece is just pure organ - about 55 minutes. all the time. i have some improvisations recorded with me and i'm struggling to convert them into pattern algorithms in #SuperCollider to create an interesting-enough long composition that will support what is happening on the stage.

it's wonderfull outside. calm. the doggo is sleeping, tired, since we walked today a lot too. it was sunny and cold but it's dark now anyway and i'm kinda stuck how to go on with my work.

#littlemoments #artistproblems #creativetoots #artwithopensource

looks like having a page on facebook pages have become completely useless if you don't pay.

“I’m worried about the impact of Facebook on democracy,” said Fernandez. “One company in particular has a gigantic control on the flow of information worldwide. This alone should be worrisome. It’s downright Orwellian.”

no shit, sherlock!

I want to take impulse responses of dead shopping malls....

what mastodon looks like on the inside ?

Facebookov "News Feed so namreč spremenili tako, da uporabnikom niso več vidne neplačane strani, ki jim sledijo - vidijo le plačane objave in objave prijateljev."

Gašper Torkar's new EP on Kamizdat is released yesterday and available for name-your-price (Creative Commons licence):

Our guest on the night MUZIKAČAKA has her Bandcamp with two self-released albums:

The visual artist on the team now is Stella Ivšek aka VJ 5237

I played a live version of Albatross EP (name-your-price, Creative Commons):

#music #slovenia #kamizdat

Long report from yesterday's gig Show more

"Bila je edina cigareta na svetu, ki je bila pakirana naokrog, filter je bil na dnu škatlice. Kriva je bila tehnološka napaka. Cigareta se je v stroju enkrat premalo obrnila in se znašla v škatlici narobe. V tovarni so se znašli in razložili, da je to zaradi higienskih razlogov, da se z umazanimi rokami ne bi dotikali filtra, ki ga damo v usta in zaradi tega je bila cigareta razglašena za delavsko, česar ne podpira cenovni razred. Pravljica o higieni se je prijela..."

A little pun on 57.

A legendary 'workers' cigarette pack from Ljubljana's Tobacco Factory (Tobačna tovarna Ljubljana).

The cigs were famously filter-down in the pack - a myth reasoned one can take a cig out without smudgin the filter part with dirty worker's hands - but truth was, it was a factory error.

Observe the dragon - Ljubljana's symbol that turns into firefox logo in the last edit.

Ok, so, because of illness (not mine) the burlesque show is not happening tomorrow so I can focus on one event per day - that's kinda much more normal. Before that, I thought I'm gonna go crazy, playing in one venue, missing on the beggining of our label show in the other venue and then run across town to setup merch and line check and play there...

Good, let's prepare for tomorrow then.