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where is the kickstarter to forbid lennart poettering for using a computer forever

Oh heck I just found out about and my mind is blown by the idea of a Scottish Gaelic/Gaidhlig-friendly Mastodon instance and how powerful Mastodon could be as a language learning tool, particularly for smaller languages without good learning resources.

🎉 Today was 100th payday! We transferred €1532 and $132 from 958 patrons to 295 creators and projects.

Fun fact: back in February 2016 our first payday had moved €5 between 9 users.

Justin Lakes' labyrinthine tape loops are wild. They're like the cassette equivalent of a painting of a face with too many eyes, and his loops sound just as screechy/scratchy/glitchy/loud as you'd expect.

one of my wishes for 2018 is to close my fb/tw accounts in some way

Michel Petrucciani was a French jazz pianist. From birth he had osteogenesis imperfecta, a genetic disease that causes brittle bones and, in his case, short stature. He became one of the most accomplished jazz pianists of his generation despite having arms that caused him pain.

Michel Petrucciani - Round midnight:

a fourth woman in the world to reach a free dive to 100m, Alenka Artnik from Slovenia

Mark’s 2018 resolution to “fix” Facebook: a bunch of hot air

I’ll be live on @ajenglish NewsGrid around 16:25-16:45 CET today to respond to Mark’s 2018 resolution to “fix Facebook”.

Hint: it’s not broken for shareholders; it’s hugely profitable. You can’t fix its toxicity to human rights and democracy without changing its business model. The only way he could fix it is to shut it down and start a decentralised alternative (ain’t gonna happen).

Spent the whole day on cleaning and making order in the studio and backroom. So many cables and various electronics and old machines and records and tapes, cds, minidiscs, books and whatnot. I have taken EVERYTHING out and am now in the slow phase of putting necessaries back in. The rest goes in recycling one way or another. Phew. My back hurts.

been enjoying watching the "Legion" TV series. It's pretty well made. It's kinda challenging and seems some original directing.

"Bold, intelligent, and visually arresting, Legion is a masterfully surreal and brilliantly daring departure from traditional superhero conceits."

users: 1,031,296 (+912 today)
instances: 1,008 (+4 today)

users: 1,338 (+2 today)
connections: 1,961 (+5 today)
pings: 358,792 (+2305 today)

I seize the opportunity to use 1st of January as a day to look back on and look forward. I'm going through my journal entries, my wins, my fails, projects, the big picture, plans I made last January and then re-evaluate and create plans for 2018.

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tired: joining, treating it as a centralized Twitter-like, making two complaints about “toot” and leaving

wired: joining any other instance with a community that reflects who you are, SURF THE FEDIVERSE

Just bingewatched the whole Jessica Jones season 1! Auch.

George Michael's son? (by voice)