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Your breathing is your greatest friend. Return to it in all your troubles and you will find comfort and guidance. ~ Unknown

I love when I say men are trash and people are like "BUT **YOU'RE** A MAN!!!" like yeah dumbass I also have a job but I think capitalism is shit too

neki nabijam o Tatovih podob in naši zadnji izdaji "Image Snatchers 2" v svoji izjavi za včerajšnjo oddajo 100 decibelov


dobro jutro!
deseti deseti ob desetih.

danes res zaključimo s pripravo ružinega albuma za tisk. pošljem medijsko najavo za slo medije.

It's Ada Lovelace Day!

Fun fact for those of you that don't know:
There is a programming language named after her. It's used mostly in life critical systems, because it is one of the safest languages to write code in. It's actually the language that I use at work.

Ada Lovelace:

Ada the programming language:

dober dan

upam da vam (v ljubljani sicer redki) sončni žarki posijejo skozi okno

☀️ ☀️ ☀️

RT Why use P2P when you can use Google and the full speed of other people's servers 😏

intitle:"Index of" {MOVIE_TITLE} mkv 1080p


If you have Bandcamp app on mobile and you follow our label Kamizdat you should have received some update notifications from us.

anyone who tries to convince you that an idea is too complicated for you to understand is trying to manipulate you

danes na val202 ob 22:30, po Zrcalu dneva, nova oddaja Interval z novim komadom od Borghesie in glasbo iz EP-ja Image Snatchers 2 ()

This one is a great compilation by Slovenian label Kamizdat. It was released for Netlabel Day 2018 back in July, and gives a great overview of the diversity and quality offered by this cool group of people. They also have awesome physical released, they really do things differently and are a progressive bunch of humans.
#electronicMusic #experimentalMusic #techno #creativeCommons #Slovenia

ok, finally came till the end of the liner-notes, it turned out into a short essay of about 1100 words. it's a first draft, i like it, but there's urgency for design and printing asap so the artist needs to confirm/correct it first than it needs a good proofreading and then designer needs to put it in finally and last few corrections and uh, where does this end?
i now also have to write some press paragraph, create an electronic press kit and fb event while uploading to BC, etc, etc nice sunday

Mesto: Ljubljana

Povprečna letna temperatura v 20. stoletju: 10.10

Povprečna letna temperatura v 21. stoletju: 11.32

Sprememba povprečne letne temperature med stoletjema: 1.22


Promocija nove knjižne izdaje pri Emanatu (zbirka Prehodi) : Skupnost emancipiranih misli in teles - Metodologije beleženja slovenskih avtoric sodobnega plesa. (ur. Andreja Kopač in Maja Šorli)

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