"Za slovensko medicinsko znanost - torej medicinski fakulteti - ter tudi medicinsko uradno doktrino je transspolnost še vedno duševna bolezen, kar sili trans osebe k temu, da se podredijo medicinski obravnavi, v kateri se ugotovi, da trpijo za duševno boleznijo - vse to oa zato, da potem lahko v dokumentih spremenijo spol."

Lin Julian Koletnik v oddaji Intervju z Ksenijo Horvat. via Stanka Prodnik, Mladina

Ponudnik izobraževanja starejših za digitalne bone razlaga, da so časi dopustov in da se niso mogli pripraviti na telefonske prijave, so se pa »zelo hitro organizirali in pripravili spletno stran«, na kateri se interesenti lahko prijavijo. Spletno stran. Za prijavo starejših na tečaj najosnovnejših računalniških veščin. Ki je pogoj za koriščenje bona za nakup računalniške opreme. 🙄🤦


Staying in a room with multicolored ceiling lights, leopardskin curtains and tiger-dragon-peacock-hybrid wallpaper

If you would like a glimpse of what the post-Roe world is going to look like in much of America, I would refer to you to a bill currently under consideration in our state legislature here in South Carolina, S.1373.

Full text: scstatehouse.gov/sess124_2021-

Performing an abortion becomes a felony, carrying a prison sentence of "not more than 25 years."

Possession, sale or distribution of an abortifacient (i.e., an abortion pill), in any quantity, becomes a felony. Sentence: "Not more than 20 years."

"Recruit[ing], harbor[ing] or transporting" a minor who lives in the state to receive an abortion or an abortifacient in another state becomes a felony. Sentence: "Not more than 20 years."

Providing information to women in the state on how they can obtain an abortion, including "hosting or maintaining an internet website, providing access to an internet website, or providing an internet service purposefully directed to a pregnant woman who is a resident of this State that provides information on how to obtain an abortion," becomes a felony. Sentence: "Not more than 20 years."

You may think this bill is just the work of some local kook down here. You would be wrong. The bill is based on model legislation drafted by a group called the National Right to Life Committee. They provide these model bills to right-wing state legislators across the country. All the legislators have to do is plug in some citations to their relevant local laws, and hey presto, they have a sweeping abortion ban all ready to put up for a vote.

None of that is a secret. You can download the NRLC's model bill right off their web site:


Keep an eye on your own state legislature's business over the next few months. You will be very fortunate if you do not see a localized version of this bill drop.

🔥 statistika: do 23. julija je letos v 🇪🇺 izbruhnilo že kar 1926 gozdnih požarov.

Povprečje (med leti 2006 in 2021) za ta čas bi bilo 520. 👇
RT @CopernicusEU: #Copernicus for #wildfires monitoring

According to the statistics gathered by @CopernicusEMS #EFFIS,

➡️the total number of fires🔥in the #EU as of 23 July and since the beginning of the year stood at 1,926 (vs. an average of ~520 for the 2006-2021 reference period)

🐦🔗: nitter.eu/EKvSloveniji/status/

The only thing stopping this headline from being the perfect encapsulation of 2022 is that it doesn't mention COVID.

Bolje golob v vladi kot gams v državnem svetu

Imagine, you're writing a very long book and in the end, you get locked out by your #cloud-driven text processing software: technologyreview.com/2022/07/1

It was a #badidea in the first place. 🤷

Yet another example for karl-voit.at/cloud/

#publicvoit #lockin #decentralization

A pervasive user culture of pasting screenshot images of fragments of structured hypertext documents,

as a necessary workaround to communicate complex data and concepts over social media systems that run over hypertext documents but which as a matter of policy don't allow users to post hypertext documents over these systems,

is an admission of massive, near-total, software architectural and design-process failure.

Mickey Petersen: #Emacs Keyboard Macros are Misunderstood

Wow, I had no idea how versatile keyboard macros are. I only used it for simple recording and playback the last decades.

one of my favorite artworks of the 21st century, born from The Great Financial Crisis of 2008

Riot Shield With Complex Mathematical Equation Used In Financial Markets Containing Derivative Investment Instruments
Justin Kemp

Lepo je biti nazaj na Balkanu, v Skandinaviji je zadnje tedne preveč morilskih norcev 😱

Interesting concept, but limited improvement, given beef’s carbon footprint 🙂

(spotted in Linux Format #291)

@EU_Commission These claims go entirely against the consensus in the field.

The projected growth in AI, blockchain, IoT will lead to a massive rise in emissions, not a reduction. And contrary to your claim, none of these technologies is essential in reducing emissions.

Quantum Computing is unlikely to be mainstream by 2050 and has currently no promise of energy efficiency. There are much more promising compute technologies. Space-based services cause emissions in the upper atmosphere which leads to additional warming of those layers, making global warming worse.

Please check with experts before posting things like this.(fwiw, I am an expert in low-carbon and sustainable computing so green & digital transition is my area)

“The degree to which [carbon capture and storage from power generation] has failed to happen is quite spectacular.”

– Vijay Vaitheeswaran, “The energy transition”, Technology Quarterly, suppl. to The Economist, June 25th 2022, p.9

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