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That might be worrying. Let's not dwell.

A best of compilation of Britney Spears songs that really is best of. Best decision I've made in a while.

When I found a WD black HDD in one of the boxes, I though "there's something sinister on it". I kept it unplugged for days, until a fated night of crisis made me confront its contents. I was looking for a fight. Instead, just a bunch of games and a very small amount of my brother's personal files. Personal files stored. HDD currently formatting. 2 TB will come in handy.

I had a dream about my CRT monitor. My subconscious – dealing with the important things.

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Someone on my Mastodon feed mentioned missing a good . I have one, but I'm not sure whether the 29-kilogram behemoth would survive traveling overseas.

Not to mention that I watched one video about what's nice about CRT monitors and already I am rethinking the decision to have it on the to-sell pile. This is why I am always in a process with items, rather than done with them.

Post-irony and new sincerity, you say? Hmm. How about... sincere irony?

(I'm too far gone to entirely stop using irony.)

LB Aha blesave fotke se vide? Hahaha

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People sometimes leave functional items on top of trash cans for others to take, but this is the first time I saw potato chips. I guess they weren't crazy about the flavour. #potatoes #trash #bag #ileftitforsomeoneelse

Napravila sam humus i osjećam se vrlo ostvareno zbog toga.

To vi samo mislite da više ne slušam ovu glazbu.

Posebna verzija sa španjolskim titlovima za @rhmb

My posts still display with broken images on . OH WELL??

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neprimjerene stvari u teretani 

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Insomnija, moj (ne)prijatelj. Moj bližnjik.

Nevidljivi rad

što je u redu, jer postoji i nevidljivi nerad.

Ako kasni, ne znači da ne dolazi.

I've lost the ability to read tone from text. It's over. It's dead. Rest in piece, you very specific skill I've used to build a lot of online relations. You are useful and still quite valuable, but just not a part of my life anymore. You are missed, but life and exchaning textual messages will go on without you. May you find yourself in some other person.

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