Mozilla MozFest 2018 Day #2: Learning about digital privacy for LGBTIQ people, creative uses of CSS grid, how we get colonized by technology, dark design patterns, ethical web design and the fact that hosting a web site about abortion is illegal in Brasil.

MozFest 2018: wonderful discussions, projects, learnings, connections, community

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Majski obračun: 4 dogodki, od tega 2 sijajni delavnici in 2 intenzivna pogovora pa še sestanki, sodelovanje z drugimi inciativami, druženja ...

V branje predlagamo poročilo @22nds o predstavitvi LFU delavnic v letih 2010-2018 na v Berlinu.

Join us tomorrow at the **Cause A Scene** Conference in . The lineup is super inspiring and I will share all about **Tech Workshops at Lesbian-Feminist University**.

“Technology is not neutral. It encodes a set of values and as a political system it encodes a set of rights” Paul Frazee, Beaker Browser at JSConfEU

4. “Modify source” is the p2p Web’s great power. A Web that can be made and remade by its people can better serve their needs and produce a more diverse & exciting world. The Web should be a truly “live” society.

5. Minimize change, maximize impact. The p2p Web should still be the Web. Make it better, don’t remake it.

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Sharing a set of values in the p2p Web community (via Paul Frazee):

1. We should improve and preserve the Web. The Web is a genuine social accomplishment and we should look after it. Don’t let lesser platforms win out.

2. Devops is oppressive! Many people can’t publish websites or apps because they can’t run servers. Publishing should be accessible to all.

3. “View source” is critical to an open Web. The more code that users can read, the more code they can review and learn from.


Hacking Neonious One JS microcontroller board with an on-board web-based IDE

"For me, joy cannot be sold, desire cannot be priced, and I do things because I like it"... --Raoul Vaneigem

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TOOTSI je slovenska večjezična Mastodon instanca katere osnovni cilj je omogočati prostor varen od terorja algoritmov corporativnih družbenih omrežij, diktature profita pred uporabniki in podpornikov kiber-nadlegovanja in sodobnega neolib-fašizma.