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@Liberapay or maybe just missing any information whatsoever why this person is getting my donation that is meant for LiberaPay. are they really contributing to the project? and if so, what? to a donor, this is important information. or at least to have information that this person is a legitimate receiver of my financial support.

@Liberapay i was checking my liberapay donations and i'm seeing that a person from LiberaPay team is getting my donation, but that person - I assume they are a developer - has no information on their profile that they're actually working on LiberaPay, neither their link to githum profile cannot connect them to the LiberaPay project. so as far as I can see, I'm donating to somebody I cannot see that they are actually working on this project. This feels very non-transparent.

>> Če govorimo o slovenski ljudski glasbi, bi za oddaljeno preteklost njuno morali bolj ohranjati oziroma mlade bolj seznanjati v šolskem procesu z dvema njenima prvinama. Prva je petdobna metrika, ki je vezana tudi na rubato, kar pomeni, da so ljudje prepevali v svobodnem ritmu in pogosto tudi v petčetrtinskem taktu. Druga pa je večglasje, ki so ga do perfekcije privedli predvsem pevci in pevke na Koroškem, kjer je vse ubrano, četudi ni vedno v skladu s pravili... <<

After #GDPR the European Parliament is working hard at turning the Internet into AOL2.0.

#Article13, the #CensorshipMachines, has been adopted by @EP_Legal with a 15:10 majority. Again: We will take this fight to plenary and still hope to #SaveYourInternet

So folks, the #article13 and #linktax proposals will be going soon to the EU parlaiment, and if they pass they will become a serious problem for the #Fediverse:
* To automatically filter copyrighted materials, even badly, you need a way to reference those materials. Even our largest instances probably can't afford access!
* Our instances will not be able to afford licenses to link to news sites under the new #LinkTax rules.
Go make some noise at:

Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube

>> [Antigonina] ljubav postaje otpor, otpor politički čin, a politički čin smrt i na koncu smrt ljubav. Loop aktualan do danas. <<
--Matija Ferlin

>> Nakon "Tartuffea" odigranog prije sedam mjeseci na istoj pozornici - i tada i sada uz snažnu i sugestivnu glazbenu podlogu odličnog Luke Prinčiča - "Antigona" je nastavak Ferlinovog projekta "Staging a Play", u kojem ovog nagrađivanog koreografa i redatelja fascinira kako na pozornici omogućiti susret između tijela i teksta, ali koji neće biti tipično dramski, te kako ostvariti odnos između riječi i pokreta... <<

So after the #YouTube snafu (, #Blender has decided to give #PeerTube a try. This is a nice example of something good coming out of a bad situation.

Try it out at

And also, it might give PeerTube a bit more exposure, since they're seeking additional funding, (

All instances hosted on have been upgraded and are now running Mastodon v2.4.2 :janiawoo:

Any issues, please let me know. Thanks


a naj vklopim možnost pošiljanja vabil za uporabniške račune?

tako lahko pošljete nekomu vabilo da si naredi račun na

to ima sicer še toliko večji smisel, če bi imeli registracije zaprte, ampak imam občutek da tudi pri odprtem vozlišču enostavno naredite vabilo, ki omogoči nekomu da hitro naredi račun in avtomatično sledi vam.

kaj pravite?

Doggo on the beach chill af

(before starting to barf at any dog arriving to the beach and jumping in the water).

Posted a private "listen" of a collage from Antigone soundtrack to #Patreon.

More to come soon!

Good day!

Back in the studio.
Before I start making order I played myself a vinyl I ordered from France for a project purposes. This instrumental version of Donna Summer's "She Works For The Money" is not available on CD.

I shot a short video on my mobile and used a free "Video Transcoder" app for android to get its filesize from 50megs to 5mb.

(@fdroidorg didn't want to give me a compatible version, so I downloaded apk from project's github)

#LibreMonday #ffmpeg

Prvi odzivi na predstavo Matije Ferlina za katero sem sproduciral glasbo 🎛️🎧🎼:

To soboto in nedeljo (23/24) v Stari elektrarni!

Delovni pogoji te dni / working conditions these days

my dream would be to publish an album with source code included.

idealy package would be:

- source code in C/C++ & samples
- binaries for linux/max/PC

currently seriously toying with an idea to turn the music I 'wrote' for this stage piece premiering tomorrow into a #SuperCollider patch and prepare an EP/mini-album release by the end of the month. Bandcamp download would include the ready-to-run scd (SuperCollider document) source + all samples.


On June 20, an EU committee will vote on an internet-destroying copyright proposal that'll censor everything from Tinder profiles to Wikipedia:

Folks in the EU: European Parliament Members need to hear from you!