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@wxl I'm finding that article kinda sloppy (or those researchers are spreading uninformed FUD) . Many coin exchanges and wallets recommend changing bitcoin address for every transaction in order to stay anonymous. Also tracking blockers such as uBlock Origin are pretty sophisticated and can block most of data leaking from you. So I think it's not that bad as article would like to suggest.

Not sure if I agree with the article, but one thing is true: "it is certainly providing an avenue down which people are creating and sharing their interpretations of the world around them."

“Neo-Dadaism”: Absurdist Humor and the Millennial Generation -

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It all depends on if you’re drinking or your pouring or you’re tired of having a large glass that isn’t filled.

@sakrecoer happy to bring excitement into your life. your music is great and you seem very talented. I also love the humorous aspect of your lyrics. i'm looking forward to any new works from you!


wow yeah, I've seen on your Bandcamp that your output is fast! Really good to hear that the creative juices are flowing! :)

That last (best) release is gooood. Also, really happy to see you are using CC licences! :)

I also hate Spotify and these huge marketplaces so removed from the artist and tools for us to get in touch with our audience.


awesome, really good to hear you've made something, now, inspired. :) keep it up - more music, more happiness :D

I am at the end of promotion for my latest EP () and now on into writing/adapting/remixing music for a friend's solo contemporary stage piece (between burlesque and contemporary dance) and preparing to start working on my next EP due out in october.

@envgen you can do anything that sounds good to you, even if it was done a million times. musical elements can be clever or simply emotional - with a heart. remember, prince was not really such a virtuoso on a guitar, but was able to create a guitar solo with great soul in it. i think what matters is this holistic atuning and just being uncompromisingly you.

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Sad to see #bike shares as gentrification symbol, but it's not about the bike. The communities they are installed in are completely ignored until the privileged move in. Then the city and corporate sponsors rush to do what they can. Ford is only in it to make the privileged "suffer" on bikes so they can sell them cars. Hard to do that to those without money.

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remember, information is not knowledge,
knowledge is not wisdom
wisdom is not truth
truth is not beauty
beauty is not love
love is not music
music is the best

-- frank zappa

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@dogtrax sorry to hear that! Yeah, I can imagine there must exist some kind of chemistry between bandmates so that they can amount to something constructed (i wanted to write 'with a soul', but not all good music has a "soul", i guess).

i wish you good luck with finding new bandmates! don't give up.