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Luka Prinčič (tootsi)

every now and then I use this amazing site called Freesound where you can find many different sounds under CC licences to use in your projects.

I've now setup a monthly donation of $1.

Cr*p, CDP actually IS released under GNU GPL! Sooooooooo FLOSS!

Working on sound processing using arcane and messy but amazing CDP - Composer's Desktop Project (command-line and/or Renoise). I wish they would make it floss!

I feel has really nice interface. And it feels "native" to mastodon. Looking forward to improvements with the new maintainer.

Good morning. It's a quiet Saturday so far. Everyone's still asleep, even the dog. I'm having a cup of black tea before I commute to studio to work on sounds and moving images and code.

T minus 6 days

amazing playful and special editing and film making by Takahiro Morita from Far East Skate Network

Samsung is bringing DESKTOP LINUX to its smartphones!

The mobile giant has this week announced the ‘Linux on Galaxy’ project that, it says, will give smartphones the capability to “run Linux-based distributions on mobile devices”.

So if you dream of using the smartphone in your pocket as a desktop Linux PC, you’ll be pleased to know that Samsung clearly shares it.


#Linux #smartphones #Samsung #Ubuntu #convergence #Galaxy #dream

I like to search (DuckDuckGo) "house by the sea" and then browse through images...

Another episode of our "Image Snatchers" performance done tonight.

a little corner of my heart belongs to Aotearoa New Zealand because i have spent some really precious time 10 years go there. so this is great news:

"Jacinda Ardern will become the country's third female prime minister, after New Zealand First leader Winston Peters threw his support behind Labour to form a coalition government and end nearly a decade of National rule."

I hope she/they will now do "the right thing" and stop neolib privatisation, among other things.

this is incredible online informal schooling how to do 3D right now!

"If we do not honour our past, we lose our future. If we destroy our roots, we cannot grow." F. Hundertwasser (Vienna, 1988)

HUNDERTWASSER ART CENTRE READY FOR TENDER HAC project team announces final construction methodology, Whangarei, Aotearoa New Zealand

if people have time to listen and watch the loooong ASMR videos they must have time and attention to watch my videos and listen to my music TOO!


trying to use more (Android mastodon client)

WikiHouse is an open source project to reinvent the way we make homes.

It is being developed by architects, designers, engineers, inventors, manufacturers and builders, collaborating to develop the best, simplest, most sustainable, high-performance building technologies, which anyone can use and improve.

Our aim is for these technologies to become new industry standards; the bricks and mortar of the digital age. !hnpa 

It's just really fucked up people look at self-driving trucks, automation, and go "ah, this is a bad thing because it puts people out of work. it is the technology that is the problem" instead of realizing that it's our insane mentality that you have to work 40 hours in order to deserve living that will hurt people in the end