From today's opening of "Dinner with a hyperobject" by Tadej Droljc

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An interview with me is up on Hackster Café, live just now. Many thanks to @alexglow for the chat, a truly great interviewer!

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Thank you all for AMRO 22!

It was an amazing time full of intensive radical openness, shared knowledge, fun, and experiments.

See you all in 2 years !

@fileneed @celesteh @ephemeral @ccl @alcstrt @luka @drkmbnt

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we are doing an interesting remote sound/radio performance today between Ljubljana, Ustí nad Labem, and Linz, central point being at + physical space in each of cities, at 15:00-18:00 CEST (

you're extremely welcome ti attend!

part of #AMRO22

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My Hackspace is forced to leave it's rooms. We also have to legally fight to keep our name. Please help! This is horrible! /o\


Die Ulmer Stadtverwaltung will uns Ehrenamtlichen den Namen klauen und wirft uns aus den Räumlichkeiten am Weinhof.
Jetzt benötigen wir deine Unterstützung bei der Suche nach einem neuen Ort für das Verschwörhaus:


FARM 2022 - International Workshop on Functional Art, Music, Modeling and Design will take place on September 16 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We are still open for contributions - papers, demos and performances! Deadline for submissions is June 1.

Boosts appreciated!

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Really excited to announce the speakers of the first series of free online talks on "algorithmic patterns" in arts and culture.
Featuring weaving, wire bending, heritage algorithms, konnakol, live coding and juggling patterns
Emerging info and signups here:

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ta petek, 6.5.22 pa v !

Vaše plesne korake bo v živo kodirala mednarodna zasedba 11 ustvarjalk in ustvarjalcev:

21.00 | Blaž Pavlica
21.30 | Patrick Borgeat
22.00 | Luka Prinčič
22.30 | LinaLab
23.00 | Chigüire
23.30 | Roger Pibernat
00.00 | Timo Hoogland
00.30 | Iván Paz

Vizualizacije: Olivia Jack, Saskia Freeke, Turbulente

Vrata ob 20.00, vstop prost!

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Artist: #ADOR - City: ?, France 🇫🇷 - Title : "Si si la famille" - # StreetArt #urbanart #art #mastoart

I'm following @shigatsu0926 but none of their posts have come to our instance in almost a year. What gives?

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95% of the plots I make these days are A3 or smaller, and I have a separate bot for that which is at work right now. Customer plots, actually, thankfully. God damn NFTs really killed my art sales, it's really been barely a trickle for at least six months if not a year.

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In other news, Slovenians have just elected a PM who isn't and supposedly won't be on the Birbsite. :blobpats:

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While I sysadmin a private Mastodon node, my social media contact the last years has been Twitter - simply because one platform has been more than enough. Looking fwd to spending more time here.

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