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It's been a long wait, but we're happy to announce the release of #YunoHost 11.0 on #Debian Bullseye :blobwizard:

⬆️ We're also providing an (hopefully one-click) migration from Yunohost 4.4 to 11.0. And yes, we're jumping from 4 to 11 to match Debian versions! 😜

👉 Version 11.0 is mostly focused on technical adaptation, but also contains a few security, UX, i18n improvements. Cool features are already in the pipelines for 11.1 and 11.2! 😋

More info in our release note:

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dragi člani in na splošno uporabniki fedimira,

vedno vpišite opis slike ali fotografije, ki jo pripenjate vašemu tutu. tako boste omogočili tistim, ki slabo vidijo ali so slepi in uporabljajo avtomatske bralnike teksta.

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Today, we start the #yunocamp a camp dedicated to #yunohost and the #internetcube.

We are at La Felicita in #paris. Feel free to join us !

We suggest the remote community to meet us on the chat. Remote contributors can also chat on mumble on .

More info:

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BTW: in case folks reading this have a cool FOSS project that needs funding, please be aware that we have a deadline for submitting these tomorrow (August 1st) noon.

Don't feel intimidated - it is really light-weight to submit something (you can do it in less than an hour if need be).

Have a look at -

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Good news, the ForgeFed funds allocated by NLNet are still available to use! Until October 1. So I'm going to spend the next 2 months working hard on ForgeFed and Vervis ^_^

Planning to do 4 of the 20 tasks in the funding plan:

* Teams, groups, roles, access
* S2S object capabilities
* Opening and merging Pull Requests
* Pull request lifecycle and code review

Huge thanks to NLNet for funding this important and precious work!



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I will talk on the need for frugal computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing at the Summer/Winter School 2022, tomorrow Fri 29 July, 16:00 BST (15:00 UTC).

Hope to see you all there!

You can sign up at


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Die kleinen Hendl lieben frischen Salat, Ton aufdrehen für maximale Cuteness! 😍😍😍

#hendlcontent #FlauschTheCurve

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World'o'Techno is an amazing location specific generative music machine that has made the rounds at SHA, EMF, CCC and now #mch2022. It has a label that says "Please take the art for a walk"

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A gentle reminder. The deadline for this open call is 1st August. Thanks for spreading and applying!

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🔥 statistika: do 23. julija je letos v 🇪🇺 izbruhnilo že kar 1926 gozdnih požarov.

Povprečje (med leti 2006 in 2021) za ta čas bi bilo 520. 👇
RT @CopernicusEU: #Copernicus for #wildfires monitoring

According to the statistics gathered by @CopernicusEMS #EFFIS,

➡️the total number of fires🔥in the #EU as of 23 July and since the beginning of the year stood at 1,926 (vs. an average of ~520 for the 2006-2021 reference period)


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Really excited for your book to come out on lib gen

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installed Pipewire on my linux machine. the first time that my UR816C gave a sound using linux. Jack did not even find my soundcard. hurray to PIPEWIRE. #pipewire

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Speaking of cryptocurrencies and #web3, if you have not read @pluralistic 's piece "Moneylike", read it now:

It does a great job of synthesizing Graber's "Debt. The first 5000 years" into a few paragraphs, and then builds on that to explain why the whole push for "web3" is happening. And why it's a problem.

If that makes you want to read "Debt...", all the better!

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Dear academics,

Unless you teach for free, please don’t shit on people who are trying to sustain themselves by working on free and open source because they won’t work for you for free.

Guess what: we don’t enjoy having to find ways to survive under capitalism while working for social good and to create a healthy commons. But that doesn‘t mean that we don’t need to pay rent and put food on the table.


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