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Zdravo :mastodon:

Tale račun bo obveščal o novostih in novicah povezanih s

A short update on yesterday's setting up of server.

Didn't go well. 😫 🐌

Server is having a strange issue and we can boot through secure boot from external USB but it doesn't boot automatically... We ( @g1smo & @leon & @len & roomate ) were not able to diagnose the issue.

As a result the announced streaming of setting up backups was canceled. :blobsad:

More luck next time 🤞 . boosted boosted boosted boosted

dear non-slovene speaking followers. i have marked my default tootin language as slovene. if you have some preferences set which languages you prefer to see in your timeline and slovenian is not among them, you won't be seeing my slovene toots at all. (your language filters are under /settings/preferences/other)

my english toots from this account will be rare but they will be extra-marked as english.

je ⬇️ (okvirno ze kako urco).

Ne morem se ssh povezat na streznik. Zaenkrat je to to.

thanks to @lapor who wrote on how to watch via .

on our next meeting we plan to restructure and better interrelate our wiki. :white_heart:

ok, we're closing our instance registration. spammers just won't give up trying selling us youtube clicks. we don't care about yt since we're enthusiastic users of of which we also host an instance.

bye bye @youtubeviewsindia boosted boosted

Nocojšnji o PostmarketOS s @craftyguy ter @Bro666 o Upcycling Android in Plasma Mobile vmesniku. Linux na telefone za daljšo življenjsko dobo ☎️ boosted boosted boosted

New version of is here (4.3.4) :blobhug:
Is there a changelog somewhere?
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🐌 -nice_858 ce bi si radi nastavili odjemalec spletne pošte 📧 so tukaj navodila boosted

I've called our regular organizational meeting. 🔔

It's scheduled for next Friday (8. 10. 2021) at 8PM in the 🚲 bike depot near the train station.

If you'd like to discuss anything particular, reach out.

tell your friends. cyaa 😺 boosted boosted

Zaznali smo izpad storitev :🚨
Več informacij sledi 🚮
- obzorje
- kino
- odložišče
- wiki
- dogodki
- matrix

skratka večina stvar je ⬇️ down

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