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psst... we don't officially support it, but we hear someone might have made a package for AUR that links to our dev branch and offers a sneak preview of #Glimpse 0.1 before it's actually released.

If you're an Arch user, keep it under your hat 😉

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Wow, we did not expect the level of interest you all have had in the #PineTime!

More info:
- Cost will be approximately 25USD
- Charging dock included in price
- Built-in heartbeat monitor
- Case built of Zinc alloy and plastic
- Battery life measured in days
- Sorry, can't run Linux itself. SoC is nRF52832, which uses a Cortex-M4 core. That's why we need FreeRTOS :)

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We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of GNOME 3.34, "Thessaloniki"! This release marks six months of intense effort from our developers, designers, and contributors, and we are thrilled to finally make it available to you all 😊

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dobro jutro.
Danes bo dolg dan,
predvsem pa je bistveno da se uspešno konča s koncertom v ŠKUCu ob 21h:

Kamizdat Rentgen
▶ Saša Spačal in črički vrste Acheta domesticus
▶ beepblip: noise for strings, vol.1

Na koncertu bomo pobirali prednaročila za oba nova albuma!

Sicer je ta glasba za doživeti v živo, a če ne morete bomo prenašali zadevo v živo na naši televiziji:

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Next week is my Talk about floss Android Development @ Droidcon Vienna. I will not only talk about the sunny side, hope I can still motivate some other devs.

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Predragi zame, ampak pohvalno, da se trudijo. Kar bi si res želel je s prednaloženim linuxom 🤓

Linux-ready Workstations and Laptops | Dell USA

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History time! Check out the green part of this timeline – LibreOffice is a successor to OpenOffice(.org) (and before that, StarOffice). Our community and certified developers keep pumping out a new major release of LibreOffice every six months – a big thanks to them!

If anyone still has some commercials on the phone and still doesn't use

Blokada - the best ad blocker for Android, free and open source

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😅 ahhh this is going to be awkward ...

Would anyone fancy supporting me on #patreon or tipping me on #kofi? I write a lot of things but ... you know, money.

The cool thing is I cost very little to run, so a small something goes a long way and is very much appreciated! ✨

(and also you can always buy my book:

Thanks for listening! *sinks into the ground*


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Say hello to the new Fairphone 3: the phone that cares for people and planet.
#DareToCare and be one of the first to pre-order:

Change is in your hands. #WeAreFairphone

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inserting a USB-A connector correctly on the first try while the soundtrack to "Interstellar" plays

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