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Put your money where your values are: invest in Fairphone today 🙌
Together, we can expand our impact and create a fairer tomorrow⬇️

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We are looking for a developer for some project-based work/upgrades on an existing website. Good knowledge of backend (PHP, MYSQL) and frontend (CSS, HTML, JS) tech required. A feeling for UX and layouts a bonus.

We are a small non-profit art organisation so we cannot afford corporate levels of payment, but your work will not be unpaid. If you'd like to help us out please DM me.


Finaly fermenting natto and tempeh 🤓

Ps. Incubator is still heating up 😀

Kljub polžem je nekaj zrastlo 🤓
Se je splačalo forsirat samo mehansko odstranjevanje polžev - ročno pobiranje, seveda 😊

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UBports News Channel:


Thanks to the resurrection of Unity, progress is now starting to explode around Unity8 and Ubuntu Touch.

To bring you up to speed, here is the latest article from the UBports Writers team.



Special thanks to Alan Griffiths for all his great source material and hard work on Mir.
#ubuntutouch #ubports #Linux #Unity8 #Mir

Uspešno nadgradil sistem iz 16.04 na 18.04 😎

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Anybody knows why there is a #dog in #Belgrade #zoo? I mean it's not nice for #animals to be kept in cages, but dog?

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We need some feedback on how we should implement per-account settings. We would really appreciate it if you had a look at the github issue and tell us what you think: #tuskydev

Spet pohajkujem po Beogradu 😊
Dobra novica - vse plastične vrečke se plačajo. Ni več zastonjskih. Če se do julija 2019 ne izboljša situacija s plastiko ne izključujejo prepoved plastičnih vrečk (dvomim) 🤔

Medtem, ko sem jaz prevajal :blobpats:
Trenutno smo na 43,9%.

Translate: We have just received the promo material from you guys.
If anyone wants some cool sticker, visit us on in 🤓


Pravkar smo prejeli promo material od @fsfe
Če bi kdo kakšno kul nalepko, čakajo na Kersnikovi 🤓

Še vedno je na vrsti relaksacija :-)

Po napornem tednu je končno prišel in čas za malo đeza, umirjenih dopoldnevov, kuhanja in prevajanja Mastodona 🤓

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We are proud to announce that the Tusky 2.0 beta is now available to all beta testers on Google Play!
Read the full changelog here:

Priprave potekajo na polno :blobhug:
Vabljeni, zihr bo kul :)