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The standard Gnome calendar and contacts apps really suck. Any recommendations for something better to manage a large collection of people and multiple busy calendars? Native apps preferred. #linux #gnome

Anyone knows any program for tracking mouse click. When I click on the mouse, the red circle shows (or something similar) on the screen, under the mouse cursor. I need it for ?
I'm preparing some workshops for programs and it would be nice to have that.

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Code development platform for open source projects from the European Union institutions

#Europe #OpenSource #Code #EU

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#FreshRSS fête ses 10 ans ce mois-ci ! 🎂

🏠 Le site a été refait :
💬 Et une discussion ouverte sur GitHub pour fêter ça :

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Geary 43.0 has been released:

Enhancements included in this release:
* Improved images management
* Thunderbird auto configuration support
* Add XDG background portal support
* Numerous user interface translation updates
* Numerous bug fixes and user interface improvements

Thanks to those who contributed bug fixes and enhancements to this
* Richard Adenling
* Itay Grudev
* Adrien Plazas
* Maximiliano
* Alexander Mikhaylenko
* Michael Catanzaro

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Message to #GIMP + #GLib packagers : please avoid distributing GLib 2.74.0. Either stick to 2.72.x and wait for next release ; or patch your package with this patch :

GLib 2.74.0 has a serious bug crashing applications (experienced on Linux and Win).

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« The small Danish city of Helsingør is not a place usually in national news headlines. Until now, most visitors come here to catch the ferry to nearby Sweden or to visit the castle where Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Hamlet was set. But the news crews arrived with the start of the new school term in August, to capture the chaos caused when local #schools banned #Google. »

Pisanje tekstov za spletno stran.
Not my cup of tea, but at least I have a cup of good tea with me :blobcoffee:

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This week we released GNOME 43 “Guadalajara”! 🥳 To find out more, and to see what else happened this week, you should check out the latest issue of #ThisWeekInGNOME!



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We live in extreem expensive times.. :sad_cat:

If you can, please think about supporting me in paying the bills for the various #Fediverse services I host for free❤️

If not me perhaps your own server admin :cat_hug_triangle::fediverse:

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:boost_ok: I've just set up a Signal proxy, to help people keep communicating securely in regions where Signal's blocked. (The current focus is Iran.)

Please reply to this message or DM me if you'd like the link or any more info.

(I'm not publicising the link in this message, since this will make it easier for authorities to find and add to a block list.)


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I'm in my bed and it's 21:15. I think the last time I was in the bed that early was when I was a kid and sick. But in my last days I had energy for only half of the day. I need rest. Sleep well and see you tomorrow....on super Friday 🤓

I have just upgraded my laptop to beta. It was very fast upgrade and everything woorks perfect...for now 🤓

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Is there a Slovenian Funkwhale pod?
Can anyone recommend a pod you're using?

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