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Our True Wireless Earbuds ensure great sound quality & a seamless experience, but the real innovation happens behind the scenes. The earbuds & charging case are made with 30% recycled plastics & have #FairtradeGold in the supply chain – a world-first! ✨

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jazzzklubMezzoforte - VELIKIsVoBoDNImEDmEDIJSKIjAMsEssION na Radiu Študent



Đez, sodobni ples, butoh, žongliranje, vizualije RGB ekipe, Margharet Thatcher in še marsikaj

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📣 Translators wanted!

Help us translate our new UI using

Special thanks to @NGIZero for sponsoring this endeavour! #pixelfed #l10n #translations #crowdin

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Hello Metro 2.0! 🎉

Our new design is now available in beta! You can try it on supported instances like pixelfed.social/i/web

#pixelfed #metroUI #design

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thanks to @lapor who wrote on how to watch via .

on our next meeting we plan to restructure and better interrelate our wiki. :white_heart:


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ok, we're closing our instance registration. spammers just won't give up trying selling us youtube clicks. we don't care about yt since we're enthusiastic users of of which we also host an instance.

bye bye @youtubeviewsindia

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@mwfc @onepict @mwt @obsolete29 @freakazoid @NGIZero @LaF0rge

Many people treat EU government as if it is one single entity. There are many forces. Some lobbied in corporate direction, other factions and institutions advocating open source. There's some real #FOSS stuff going on and a policy for it:


The EC has plans to move to #opensource themself:


And there are countless clubs advocating to speed this up, like publicspaces.net/english-secti in NL.

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"You can't take this; your inventory is full"

But for rich people in real life

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Emacs Org Mode, ADHD, mental health + 

I was a bit leery that tracking my work time on #Emacs #OrgMode might lead me to overwork, but if anything it's had the opposite effect. I'm liable to sit endlessly in an anxious haze when working and don't have a good memory or sense of time thanks to #ADHD. Tracking time gives me a clear indication of how long I've been working, which is frequently longer than I thought, and encourages me to get up every 40 minutes to an hour which is better for me physically and leaves me more refreshed & focused.

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RT @creativecommons@twitter.com

That's right! ✅

💡 Creative Commons was founded on 19 December 2001

AND tomorrow marks the 20th Anniversary of Creative Commons! #CCTurns20🎉

💬 Join us in the celebrations of #BetterSharing by telling us your favorite ❤️ CC moments ➡️ bit.ly/3daQRk8 twitter.com/creativecommons/st

🐦🔗: twitter.com/creativecommons/st

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Who calls biathlon a scandinavian gang shit?

I've been listening to an old episode of chapo trap house.

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In E12 of the podcast we mostly discuss what will be in the upcoming v21.12 release. Such as pre-built images for the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 in this super cute picture (CC-BY-SA-4.0 by Nikita Travkin, one of the hidden gems you can find while browsing through the wiki).

Topics include:
* Plasma Mobile Gear 21.12
* More GNOME 41, less forks
* TTYescape 0.2
* mobile-config-firefox 3.0.0
* New devices in community
* Mainlining OP6/SHIFT6mq/Fairphones
* pmbootstrap news


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V večini tehniških poklicev so ženske še vedno zelo slabo zastopane. Tista peščica, ki je v to področje vendarle vstopila, navadno kaže izrazito pozitiven odnos do svojega dela, užitek v samoizpolnjevanju prek dela in strokovnost v poklicu. Film razkriva prikrito diskriminacijo žensk, ki jim še vedno preprečuje enakopraven dostop do tehniških poklicev in predstavlja pogoje, v katerih so se začele zanimati za te poklice, na katere ovire so pri tem naletele...


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