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New blogpost: Leaked clarifications on #chatcontrol: maxim.tips/chatcontrol-leak/

Last week, there was a leak concerning chatcontrol. It illustrates nicely the various issues the commission ignores. In the blog post I translated the leak from german to english and added more context/information. Please read & boost! #privacy #Chatkontrolle

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Facebook in Instagram sta začela odstranjevati objave, povezane s kontracepcijskimi tabletami, saj se je po sodbi vrhovnega sodišča, ki je odpravilo ustavno zaščito splava, število objav o teh zdravilih povečalo.

V zadnjih dneh so na družbenih platformah eksplodirali memi in objave, ki pojasnjujejo, kako lahko ljudje po pošti dobijo kontracepcijske tablete.

Facebook and Instagram removing posts with mentions of abortion pills | Meta | The Guardian

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So, since Z-lib doesn't allow mirroring, someone decided to mirror it anywat. 7 (seven) Tb of books, people.

"Introducing the Pirate Library Mirror: Preserving 7TB of books (that are not in Libgen)"


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Oh my God people, Ezili's Mirrors is such a BOOK thanks so much to @CaribenxMarciaX for pointing it out!! Anyone who wants to know about #Caribbean Black spirituality, and about queerness outside of how it's been constituted outside the West should check it out. The writing is luminous and fabulous, I can't put it down. #amReading #religion #queer #history dukeupress.edu/ezilis-mirrors

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RT @IWGBunion@twitter.com

🚨 BREAKING: @JUSTEATUK@twitter.com subcontractor @Stuart_Delivery@twitter.com’s own mapping system is broken, and its leading drivers to lose their jobs for NO REASON during a cost of living crisis!

Read and RT the shocking thread!


🐦🔗: twitter.com/IWGBunion/status/1

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Haitian Revolution, Ezili & lesbian women (animal killing & blood mention) 

"I want to return to Bwa Kayiman [the site that sparked off the Haitian Revolution], that primal moment of Vodou revolutionary impulse. . . . What remains consistent in stories of Bwa Kayiman is that the most important presence that night was not human at all. Rather, the Haitian Revolution began with the arrival of fierce, dagger-wielding Ezili Danto, who (through the medium of the manbo) killed a black pig, distributed its blood to participants, and sent them to fight.

"Danto, whom Brown describes as a 'hardworking, solitary, sometimes raging mother,' is a warrior spirit who fights alongside the oppressed--particularly oppressed women. 'And,' as devotee George René puts it, 'there's one thing you should know. Dantò, she's a lesbian.' . . . What would it mean if . . . we took seriously that the Haitian Revolution was launched not by a man or even a woman, but by the spirit of women who love women?"

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I've read a short story from a book There is no death (i'm taking translation credit and criticism since i've got no idea what is the official en translation) by andrej platonov and i must say i've loved. is my favourite writer.

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@JustineSmithies I worked at GitHub for 5 years. I stayed on over a year after Microsoft bought them. I have no moral high ground here; I'm bobbing in the sea. GitLab's interface is anathema to me and I love my network effects, so it's going to be real hard for me to switch.

On the other hand, I think the way that CoPilot works is deeply unethical. On top of that, the person who is in charge of the project is the biggest asshole that I've ever had the displeasure of working with. I won't use it. I wasn't even willing to try it when I had early access to it. I think it deserves to be sued into oblivion and I don't understand why it hasn't been yet.

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Give Up #GitHub - Software Freedom Conservancy


Give Up GitHub!

On Wednesday 29 June 2022, we began calling on all FOSS developers to give up on GitHub.

I fully endorse this campaign. Some of us maintain a public #Gitlab instance for many years at git.fosscommunity.in #git

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Nice bit of reporting from Swedish Radio. They built an online fake pharmacy and activated Facebook advertising tools. Thousands of simulated visits to the pharmacy were made each day, and the reporters could see all the sensitive, personal information being stored by Facebook.

Facebook sent no warnings to the pharmacy, despite saying they have tools in place to prevent this from happening.

A few weeks ago they revealed how this was happening with real pharmacies.


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In honor of World Give Up GitHub day, here's a quick guide to how to serve up your own git repos.

In an empty directory readable from WWW (that has the URL you want your repo to have, for cloning) that you also can write to over SSH, run

git init --bare
mv hooks/post-update.sample hooks/post-update

Make sure the directory has the permissions you want for web (world readable, not writable).

Set the SSH path to the directory as a remote on your local copy of the repo, and push to it and you're done.

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microsoft github 

WAIT before you go and delete your account

start uploading code that contains as many bugs as possible. I figure the syntax needs to be correct or it'd get filtered out fairly easily

but like, logic bugs. off-by-ones. checking return values wrong.

if the function returns -1 for error, check it against 0. do if(strcmp(string,"expected"))
use strcpy().
use printf(user-controlled-value)

this is kind of what the internet is good at, right? making AIs act in ways their masters don't like?

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We tried to communicate w/ #GitHub re: #Copilot; they have outright refused to answer community questions on Copilot & took it for-profit. Copilot ignores copyleft requirements; so it's time to #GiveUpGitHub GiveUpGitHub.org

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Software Sessions is a #podcast by Jeremy Jung for practical conversations of developing software. Jung is a technical lead in the #security industry where he integrates software systems and hardware devices in on-premise environments

On the Episode "Bringing #GeoCities Back with Kyle Drake" from January 15, 2020, you get to hear behind the scenes experiences of #Neocities' infrastructure (IPv4 addresses and CDN, etc), legal challenges (phishing, spam, false DMCA strikes), how much it costs to do the thing, and creating a place that reminds us that making websites still matter.


Also check out Jeremy's blog post on how to record a podcast. jertype.com/how-to-record-a-po


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Period tracker apps should never tell any internet server anything about you 

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@dajbelshaw @tchambers

Start of the digital transformation
Start of the decline of social life

The Applecalypse and the Googlocene.

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After multiple people asked me if my thread about #chatcontrol was available on another website, I took it as an opportunity to set up my own blog. You find the post about chatcontrol here: maxim.tips/chatcontrol/

You can find the original thread here: mastodon.technology/@mxm/10848

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Toot.si je slovenska večjezična Mastodon instanca katere osnovni cilj je omogočati prostor varen od terorja algoritmov corporativnih družbenih omrežij, diktature profita pred uporabniki in podpornikov kiber-nadlegovanja in sodobnega neolib-fašizma.