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Rest in Power Toni Morrison 

Why is software created using taxpayers’ money not released as Free Software?

* Tax savings: Similar applications don't have to be programmed from scratch every time.

* Collaboration: Major projects can share expertise and costs.

* Serving the public: Applications paid by the public should be available for everyone.

* Fostering innovation: With transparent processes, others don't have to reinvent the wheel.

#democracy #democratic #politics #freesoftware


Daughter is alone in her room, in bed, singing herself to sleep.

I doubt she will actually fall asleep, but this is still the cutest thing ever. She sings and sings and sings, the songs I usually sing ...

Parenting is about making yourself unnecessary.

Oh, my, oh, my, only now discovering a question: "What do I guarantee?" when it comes to making and doing performance.

And answers are so illuminating and inspiring.

Večerne tehno novice oz. novica ... je potrdil direktivo o avtorskih pravicah in enotnem digitalnem trgu.


4.april Krimigracija v SI - Ambasada Rog ob 18:00: povzetek procesa kriminalizacije migracij v Sloveniji. kako je država vzpostavljala sistem represije nad migrantsko populacijo in kakšne so družbene posledice takšnega sistema.
Vabljeni na predstavitev in pogovor!

V aprilu bomo imele že drugo izkustveno delavnico radikalne skrbi zase. :blobhearteyes:

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